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Easy Garmin GPS downloads through the iPad and iPhone? Wahoo!!! 

[By Zach]

Hi, I’m a PC.  I hate everything Apple.  Or at least I used to, until I met the iPod…then the iPhone…and then ultimately, the best thing invented since the wheel, the iPad.  I also use a Garmin 310XT and a Garmin Edge 500 for all my workouts so I can post them to TrainingPeaks.com website.   Now how about getting my favorite Garmin to talk my best friend, the iPad?  Well, that was always a bit of a family squabble…That is, until Wahoo came along.

I have been very successful in converting everything I used my laptop for over to the iPad, including remote desktop to a Windows XP machine.  Emails, web browsing, graphs and charts, presentations, slide shows, pictures, digital dashboards, controlling CNC machinery at work.  The only thing that was missing was a way to upload my workout data from my Garmin products.

I use a Garmin 310XT and a Garmin Edge 500 for all my workouts so I can post them to TrainingPeaks.com website in order for my coach to look at them and then inform me on my lack to grasp the tiniest bit of athletic intelligence, which is why I pay him to think for me.  I am a triathlon caveman.  I need someone to constantly tell me where to go and do or simplify everything in my training down to just one button.  On and Off, Start and Stop.  That’s about all I can comprehend.  I even have to be told when to breath sometimes.

With my training, the Garmin 310xt, and my iPad, I had to manually type in my workouts to trainingpeaks.com.  The horror, the horror.  Ok, I get it, how can an endurance athlete be so lazy as to complain about entering a few keystrokes into a website and waste all of 10 calories in the process?  Because I am human and I have the ability to lie or manipulate data.  When I do an auto-transfer from Garmin to Trainingpeaks.com, there is no thought process and I don’t have the itch to “doctor” the data.

For those that don’t know, the Garmin 310xt wrist watch had GPS and Ant+ technology built in so all the end-user needs to do is turn the watch on and press “start”.  Go out, do whatever workout (yes, it covers all three sports and collects data from most Ant+ devices like foot pods, power-meters, scales) and then press “end”.  As soon as you walk near your pc with the Ant+ collection USB stick from Garmin, the data transfers to the pc automatically.  You then log onto Trainingpeaks.com and upload your data.  All the info is auto-calculated for you and then your coach can go over your workout with you.

Since the iPad doesn’t have a USB port to put in the Garmin USB stick, we end-users were getting hosed.  Then Wahoo came along with their fancy dongles.  Yes dongles.  It’s not as filthy as you might think it is.  In fact, it’s a piece of hardware you stick in a slot.  That might sound weird, but the hardware is a small key that attaches to the port of the iPhone or iPad usually reserved for syncing with your pc or power cable.  Wahoo also has several types of fitness related software for download via their site www.wahoofitness.com or from the Apple App Store.

To perform this great feat of data transfer, all the end-user needs to do is download the iPad or iPhone app, Wahoo Fitness for free and purchase the Wahoo Fisica Ant+ Key from their store online.  Once the software is installed on your device and the key is inserted into your device, the rest is just a few finger points away. 

Turn on the Garmin 310xt (the only device that communicates and transfers data as of right now, but I have been told from the powers that be at Wahoo Fitness, Mike Stashak, that more devices are going to be available for data transfer very soon) and turn on your device.  Open the Wahoo Fitness app and press “History” in the lower right hand corner of the screen.  Click on “Import from Garmin 310xt” and then select the data dates you want to pull over and click “Download”. 

The data shows up on the screen and you can click on it.  You can review the data details of the workout, check out the google map of your training nomadic roam, and look at the breakdown of your laps.  Then, in the upper right hand side of the screen you click on the arrow and choose which website you want to upload your data to (when you first download the free Wahoo Fitness software, you type in all your info, including which training website you use and the ID and Password).  Once you select the shared training site, it uploads your data and you are done.  It’s all taken care of for you.

I am so impressed with this small Wahoo Fitness Fisica key and the Wahoo Fitness software and it’s complete ease of use.  I can now travel VERY lightly with my iPad to my races to download all my data from the day and send it to trainingpeaks.com so my coach can start him verbal warfare on my many things I need to master and why I need him for the rest of my life.  After all, I DO need him to remind me to breath.

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