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Braven 625S – A sonic Swiss army knife

The weather is getting crisper. For triathletes in the Northeast, it means that it’s nearly time to head into our man caves. What are those essential pieces of gear we want to take with us? One candidate clearly is the Braven 625S wireless speaker. 

The best way to describe it is as a sonic Swiss army knife with a Bluetooth connection. It links to any Bluetooth-enabled device, like an iPad or iPhone and works like an an extended speaker. See the website at: http://www.braven.com

What I like about it: 

  • The packaging.  All the cords have great velcro clips.  It comes with a cool sleeve to keep it dry. If I pack this up, I can put it in a gym bag with sweaty clothes and I won’t lose cables and I won’t short the device. 
  • The small footprint. This kicks out a lot of sound with solid bass.
  • Its grip.  The rubberized shells grips any surface.  This puppy will not slide off a tabletop.
  • The easy setup.  It took me less than two minutes to sync to both my iPhone and iPad.
  • Good with friends.  Great for sharing music or videos with others in a car or a small workout area.
  • The extras.  It can serve as a battery to charge other devices. You can use it as a speakerphone for your iPhone.  You can even use it to light a tent!

What to know before you buy:

  • It won’t replace you home theater system. Expect great sound for the size and weight of the speaker.  Don’t compare it to your Sony surround sound system.
  • It’s not cheap - I’ve seen this marketed for $180 dollars. If you found this in a mall store, you’d probably pay more.  That said, it would be great if the company can eventually get it priced below $100.

Overall, this would be a great gift for the triathlete in your life.  Watch the the video to see how the setup works

Braven video review